Sunday, July 3

Channeling Your Inner Red-Neck

July is a pretty important month around these here parts...

First of all there are many birthdays in July:
In the Huffman clan there's:
~Their cousin, Cash
~His mom, Jill
~Grandma Sue
and my sister(-in-law), Danielle also has a birthday in July!
(More on this event later...)

It is also our Nation's birthday~Independence Day:

AND it is the Annual Red Neck Party at Tomo and Shelah's house! Best fun ever!!! You never know what someone will show up wearing! Thrift stores and Walmart are prominently on display!

Last year, Ava and her Mimi (Lori) had just arrived for a visit...we channeled our red-neck inner-selves and ended up looking like this:
Yeah, Jersey shore white trash and biker grandma...

This year, we did it again! With a new twist of course!

It really was the best of all worlds: the weather was gorgeous, the atmosphere was perfect, and the company was fun, and the costumes clever and hysterical...

We really did have a great-grandmother who dressed just like this:

 Granny and her house dress...wish you could see her bright white sneakers!
And yeah, that is a big ol' skillet of chili cookin' o'er the fiar...

 Coyote Ugly (and tubby) Auntie Mae

Daisy Duke (she's a tough broad~picking fights with random people)

Yup, that thar is El Cholo: the toughest 5 month old around!

Here he is with his Aunt Dolly and Cousin Hayseed

Nothin' lak bean with tha family.....

Classic summer fun...

Don't mess with this mama!

Being the life of the party, can be sooooo....

Disturbing and creepy..random hair hanging around,
but Teag didn't seem to mind!

Hey...what do you call a redneck cafe?...........The  Truck-Bed Bar n Grill

Mikey changed outfits about every half hour or so...

...until finally he came out as Mr Miami Vice...yeah, the '80s called and want their clothes back...

A perfect day!

Y'all Come Back, Ya Hear!

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  1. Great post Mary! It's funny, I didn't notice Mike wore like 5 different outfits. How funny! I did notice the hot pink jacket though. In the sun that thing is hard to miss. Love the pictures!


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