Friday, July 1

Three's Company

Yesterday was a big day for Master Dante: his Auntie Brianna and Cousin Ava met him for the first time and his Auntie Greta came up for her second visit... He was Mister Popularity and smiled on cue as he was cuddled and ooo-ed and awed over.

Auntie Brianna

Auntie Greta

Cousin Ava

Auntie Bri hand-sewed this adorable turtle for Dante. And he loved it immediately! (So did the rest of us~I want one in crimson red!)

Did I mention how popular Dante was: the paparazzi was going crazy but he was calm, cool, and collected: smiling and cuddling like the star he is!

Especially popular is Dante's wonderful head of hair~it's irresistable: you have to run your fingers through it!!!

I am sure Danielle is loving having her sisters here for a visit and Ava is staying with us for the summer and is looking forward to more visits with her newest cousin.

As for me, I loved seeing the joy and excitement of J&D sharing off their little love-bug. And I made sure to snag a cuddle or two myself when I wasn't snapping pictures!

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